A Magnificent Time with Shin-uchi (Headliner), Kuranosuke Tachibanaya

With master Kuranosuke Tachibanaya, let’s get started on a journey that traces the Rakugo remaining on Suehiro Street.

上燗屋 富久
『上燗屋』といえば「あつなし、ぬるなし、ころ加減で上燗」のセリフで有名な落語です。由来通り、富久のオススメは日本酒。あっさりとした出汁のおでんと合わせると絶品です。創業40年「上燗屋 富久」で落語の世界に浸ってみてはいかがでしょうか。

The first Place is “Jokan-ya Tomikyu”. “Jokan-ya” is the title of the story of Rakugo which heavy drinkers appear. We recommend “Atsukan”, a warmed sake. It is amazing together with Oden made with plain broth. Why don’t you feel the world of Rakugo at Jokan-ya?


The next place is the long established Edomae style tempura restaurant, “Tenharu”. It has been in Shinjuku Sanchome for nearly a century – since 1930. Rakugo story-tellers often frequent this renowned restaurant. An icon of this place, a genuine autograph of “Kosan Yanagiya V” who became the first Living National Treasure as a Rakugo storyteller, is displayed at the cashier.

末廣亭の裏にあり、囃子たちがひと休みする憩いの場。昭和33年創業の喫茶店です。寄席文字の第一人者「橘 右近」直筆の書『魚一網』が飾られていたり、右近や、一番弟子の橘 左近が書いた手書きメニューなど、落語好きにはたまらない一品が並んでいます。

The last one is located at the back of the vaudeville theater in Suehirotei, an oasis where Rakugo story-tellers often take a break. The Japanese cafe “Gakuya” was established here in 1958. A genuine Japanese-calligraphy work, “Uo Hitoami” by Ukon Tachibana, which was originally used at the vaudeville theater is now on display in this cafe. Ukon Tachibaba is a famous calligrapher known for “Yose-style characters”.
Rakugo lovers can also enjoy rare items such as a handwritten menu by Ukon, and also Sakon Tachibana who was his best apprentice, are displayed as well.