【定休日】月 2 回(不定期)

末廣亭の初代席亭が、昭和33年頃に作った店。末廣亭の裏にあり、店内にいながら寄席で鳴らす一番太鼓や二番太鼓が聞こえてくる。壁にあるメニューは「寄席文字」といい、寄席でもちいられる独特な文字で書かれています。寄席に出る芸人さんが毎日のように顔を出し、気楽に過ごす、人情味いっぱいの店です !

【Open】10:00 〜 20:00
【Closed】 2 days a month (irregulary)
【Seats】 24
【Price】 600 yen

The founder of Suehiro-tei opened this place around 1958. Located at the back of Suehiro-tei and you can hear the sound of the first and second drums beating in Yose. Menu on the wall is called “Yose-style characters” which is written in unique characters used in Yose. The entertainers who perform at the Yose often drop by and spend their time comfortably. Gakuya is a very touching place !