【営業時間】 15:00〜23:00(土日祝 12:00〜23:00)
【定休日】 年末年始のみ
【席数】 70席
【予算】 通常平均 3,000円/宴会平均3,500円


【Open】 15:00 ~23:00(12:00〜23:00 on Holiday and Saturday)
【Closed】Year-end and New
【Price】3,000 yen / Party 3,500 yen

Our specialty is “lemon sour” poured on a tabletop server and “salt hormone” marinated in secret sauce. Fresh hormones are from Tohoku and are characterized by a juicy and crisp tactile feel. Not only single items, but also reasonable banquet courses are also available, so it is recommended when you want to enjoy it. In addition, there are attractive menus such as “Lemon Beef Tongue” and “Domestic Beef Tokiwatei Karbi” prepared in the store.