【営業時間】平日16:00~22:30 土日祝15:00~22:30
【席数】店内34席 テラス10席


【Open】 03-6384-1356
【Open】 Weekday 16:00~22:30 Saturday, Sunday & Holiday 15:00~22:30
【Seats】34 inside, 10 Terrace
【Price】3,000 yen~

A restaurant that specializes in ODEN opened at Shinjuku Sanchome. Serve 2 kinds of ODEN that “flying-fish soup stock” with an elegant sweetness finished by a two-stage preparation method, and rich & creamy “chicken soup stock”. “Octopus fish ball” that is carefully made after being ordered and “Chicken with bone” stewed softly and slowly until loosened with chopsticks are recommended. In addition to ODEN, we are waiting for you to prepare dishes that go well with sake, such as sashimi platter sent directly from the fishing port, and skewers.