春秋は入口全面開放営業で心地よい空間と雰囲気。女性スタッフが楽しく、仲良く、おいしいお酒を呑みましょう ! と元気な笑顔でおもてなしをするアットホームなお店です。お客様同士の会話も弾み、一見様もいっしょになって楽しめます。お客様たちが笑い合える楽しい時間づくりをお手伝いさせていただきます。

【Open】 Weekday 18:00~24:00 Saturday & Sunday 15:00~
【Closed】None (except New Year’s Holiday)
【Price】3,000 yen~

Fully opened entrance makes you feel nice ambience and space in spring and summer. It’s a cozy place where female staff serve in a manner that show cheerful smiles and say that let’s enjoy and have fun drinking ! Have a nice chat among customers and first-time customer can also enjoy. We will help you create a fun time so that you can laugh each other.