【TEL】 03-3354-9394
【営業時間】 17:00 ~ 24:00
【定休日】 日、祝
【席数】 35席
【予算】 3,500円


【Open】 17:00 ~ 24:00
【Closed】 Sunday, Holiday
【Seats】 35
【Price】 3,500 yen

Located in front of Suehiro-tei’s entrance. As the shop’s name, you can enjoy trying local specialty of Kagoshima and Japanese spirit “Shochu”. The inside of the shop has a warm atmosphere with tables surrounding the irori fireplace. The owner, Mr. Akabane’s grandmother, Mrs. Tome Torihama, was making meals for Kamikaze Attack Corp. in Chiran city, Kagoshima during the war, and a movie called “I will go to die for you” was made with Tome as the main character.