【営業時間】 月~金17:00~24:00、土・日・祝16:00~24:00


【Open】Monday〜Friday 17:00 〜 24:00、Saturday ・ Sunday ・ Holiday 16:00 〜 24:00
【Closed】None (except New Year’s Holiday)
【Price】2,000〜2,500 yen

We open every day with a feeling like “What is good about our restaurant is energy. We hope the customer would be energetic when they leave.” Numata’s best dish is “Motsu stew” (390 yen) with 6 kinds of taste such as miso, soy sauce, curry and salt. Reasonable price and go well with beer! We use meat (beef, pork) and cuts (third or fourth stomach) depending on seasoning.