【TEL】 03-3354-7444
【営業時間】 18:30~3:30
【定休日】 不定休
【席数】 30席
【予算】 3,000円
【URL】 kyoryuchi.lovesick.jp


【Open】 18:30 ~ 3:30
【Closed】 Irregulary
【Seats】 30
【Price】 3,000 yen

The entrance of the bar is just like a scene appeared in the western movie. There is a 42-inch LCD TV in the store, and 100 of live DVD of country music is played. They have live performance on every Saturday and 29th of every month. At that time, a wood base with about 2m-height which usually stand at the entrance of the store appears. About 40 kinds of dishes.