【営業時間】月~木18:00~24:00 金・土・祝前17:00~2:00、日・祝17:00~23:00


Monday〜Thursday 18:00 〜 24:00
Friday・Saturday・the day before Holiday 17:00 〜 2:00
Sunday・Holiday 17:00 〜 23:00
【Closed】2 days a month (irregularly)
【Seats】75(incl. hori-kotatsu seating)
【Price】3,000 yen / Party 3,500 yen

We are raising a local chicken called “Miyazaki Jitokko” which is also called a rare chicken in Nichinan City, Miyazaki. If many customers would eat the delicious Jitokko, that will be our pleasure who spend time with chicken every day. We serve fresh Jitokko sent by our union directly. Please enjoy jitokko.