【TEL】 03-3350-5944
【営業時間】 15:00~24:00
【定休日】 なし
【席数】 約60席
【予算】 通常平均3,500円/宴会平均3,700円
【URL】 r.gnavi.co.jp/g050602/


【Open】 15:00 ~ 24:00
【Closed】 None
【Seats】 60
【Price】 3,500 yen / Party 3,700 yen

One of chiefs is “Yoshiharu Iwasaki”, who has been practiced numerous times from popular stores to old-fashioned stores, and his beauty of the dish has been highly acclaimed. Another one is a chef who were acclaimed for thin-sliced technique of blow fish at Fugu restaurant. It is a house of “Toru Kimura” who won the Health, Labor and Welfare Minister’s award “Edo master craftsman”. There is also seat chairs for up to 30 guests on “Reserved floor”. Highly recommended to use a private room because you can order a plan with unlimited drinks.