【営業時間】 平日11:30~22:00、日・祝11:30~21:30
【席数】65席 喫煙OK


【Open】 Weekday 11:30 〜 22:00、Sunday ・ Holiday 11:30 〜 21:30
【Closed】 None
【Seats】 65, Smoking
【Price】 Lunch 1,000 yen / Dinner 1,300 yen

We are a good-old restaurant and have a history of more than 72 years. Try our “Ju-Ju Yaki” (Sizzling). Meat and cabbage are on hot iron plate and sizzling with special onion sauce. Located at next to Sueiro-tei and performers often frequent to visit us. It’s likely to bump into them.