串かつは1串50円からとリーズナブル ! 豚ヒレかつ(豊勝)や牛カツ、豊洲で仕入れた魚介類など定番メニューに加え、生ハムチーズや豚玉ジンジャーなどの創作串、アグー豚や石垣牛のメンチなどの上質な素材を使った約70種類のメニューを揃えています。5本や10本セットもあり。希少な日本酒、焼酎も豊富に用意しています。

【Open】 16:00~1:00
【Seats】 48
【Price】 3,000 yen

Kushikatsu is reasonable from 1 skewer 50 yen ! In addition to ordinary menus such as pork-fillet cutlets (Toyokatsu) and beef cutlets, fishes and shellfishes purchased at new fisherman’s market TOYOSU, as well as creative skewers such as prosciutto & cheese, pork ball ginger, Agu pork and ground Ishigaki-beef Cutlet. We have about 70 different menus using fine ingredients. There are sets of five skewers or ten. There are also rare sake and Japanese spirit “Shochu” abundantly.